About IBW


• IBW is a physical and mental workout for the whole body

• Fun, educational, varied and challenging are keywords

• You get a measurable and realistic workout schedule with a clear personal goal

• You can start at any level


• One-on-one at an agreed place (for example at home or at the office) at Personal Workout

• With two or a maximum of three people at DUO workout

• With 4 or max 6 people in a SMALL GROUP workout

• You can do IBWs at different places in different cities and villages

• We always adapt to your wishes and look at all possibilities


•Personal attention

• Professional guidance (safe and discreet)

• IB.Workout BV is reliable and handles your personal data with care

• Effectiveness through measurable schedule

• No notice period. After each month you decide whether you want to continue


IB.Workout BV is reliable and handles your data with care. The IB.Workout BV company has reliability level 3 (top level) and works according to the guidelines of the personal data authority and the employees have a certificate of conduct level A, B, BL and P. The IBW instructors have experience and certificates to provide all workouts. During the corona pandemic, employees are regularly tested.

IB.Workout BV, Keizersgracht 241, 1016 EA AMSTERDAM.


Instructor IBW



Instructor IBW


Specialist Muay Thai